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Care Bear Poseable Figure

figure set


In association with Kenner, American Greeting Corp. introduced its "Care Bears" line of toys and novelties in 1982. The line followed the successful pattern of manufacture and marketing AGC established with its "Holly Hobbie" line and perfected in 1980 with its "Strawberry Shortcake" line. AGC and its licensees spent $122.5 million launching all things Care Bear. Care Bear mania was fueled by six TV specials and the release of a feature-length movie in 1986. The original 12 bears were later joined by 10 cousins (lions, lambs, and elephants, oh my), and an array of villains, carrying cases and playsets. These cute, cuddly creatures illustrate child's play and fantasy, consumer buying habits, and manufacturers' promotional and marketing techniques.

ManufacturerKenner Products Co.
Object ID110.1104

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