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Captain Marvel Club



Spin-off merchandise from characters and subjects in popular culture are often just as fascinating as the characters, movies, radio programs, television events, or commercial products which inspire them. Apart from political pins, so-called "pinback" buttons or pins which display these characters and subjects are as old as the metal and celluloid buttons themselves. Beginning in 1893, people wore early plastic Heinz pickles to demonstrate their loyalty to that particular brand (as if home-made pickles weren't good enough!) and similar pins commemorate (and advertise) nearly every aspect of popular culture since. Comic strip and comic book super heroes are no exception; pinback pins adorned with hero imagery began to surge with these comics in the 1940s, and have not stopped. Created in 1940 following the successful debuts of Superman and Batman, Captain Marvel quickly proved his worth in the world of superheroes. Instantly popular, Marvel was adapted to the big screen just one year later in the 1941 film "Adventures of Captain Marvel" and maintained record comic book sales for the remainder of the decade. Such superhero success can only be described by one word: Shazam!

ManufacturerFawcett Publications Inc.
Materialmetal | plastic
Object ID111.218

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