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Sassy Cartwheel Critters



Sassy, Inc., a manufacturer of infant and toddler toys, insists that in spite of its name, it takes its toys and kid products seriously. Its Web site, at first glance, seems designed more to instruct parents than to sell its products. But of course, all of its information on child development provides the intellectual basis for the toys and products it sells. Still, it supplies new parents with a month-by-month guide on how their children develop, how to use the child's senses to help them progress, what activities and games are appropriate at each age, and the features of toys--like character faces, realism, variety, patterns, simplicity, and high contrasting colors--that encourage development.

ManufacturerSassy, Inc.
Materialprinted paper | plastic | fabric
Object ID110.580
Credit LineCourtesy of the Marianne Szymanski Toy Tips Institute

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