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American Children



Using her talents as a trained artist, doll maker Dewees Cochran (1892-1991) began making portrait dolls of real children for their wealthy parents during the 1930s. To speed production and hold down costs, Cochran eventually made six basic dolls each with a unique facial structure. By adding the appropriate color of hair, eyes, and complexion, Cochran could produce a portrait of just about any child. Her Look-Alike dolls succeeded, and she entered into a contract with the Effanbee Doll Company to make six dolls for an American Children series. In the three years of her association with Effanbee, she produced about 50,000 dolls.

ArtistDewees Cochran
ManufacturerFleischaker & Baum | Effanbee Doll Co.
Materialcomposition | paint | mohair | elastic | metal | cotton | leather | synthetic
Object ID79.10658

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