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Cinderella or Hunt the Slipper

card game

ca. 1880

The card game Cinderella or Hunt the Slipper is a reverse version of Old Maid, likely intended for little girls. Unlike standard Old Maid, the winning player is the player who holds the single "slipper" card at the end. McLoughlin Brothers of New York produced this game sometime in the late 19th century, possibly before they copyrighted the name in 1887. The game is slightly more difficult to play because only one of the cards in a pair has an illustration; the other only has the text, as can be seen in the image. It may have been marketed toward older children or even adults.

ManufacturerMcLoughlin Brothers
Materialprinted cardstock | cardboard | paper
OriginNew York, NY
Object ID107.3095

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