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Wits & Wagers: Brainless Trivia, Shameless Fun!

board game


Wits and Wagers is a new kind of American board game from a new breed of American game manufacturer. According to their website, Northstar Games, LLC makes "designer games" based on the style of board games currently popular in Europe. They also believe that a new wave of board game popularity is on the rise, influenced again in part by the wave of popularity in Europe. Wits and Wagers combines the fun of a trivia game with the excitement of gambling--players can bet on who they think will have the correct answer. The game has won accolades for the past few years.

ManufacturerNorthstar Games, LLC
Materialprinted paper | cardboard | plastic
Styletrivia | gambling
Object ID109.11435
Credit LineGift of North Star Games

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