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Parcheesi Royal Game of India

board game


Selchow & Righter Company was one of the early game producers in New York City. E.G. Selchow formed a partnership with John Righter in 1880. The firm was known best as a "jobber," or business that made money producing other people's games. Its first huge success was Parcheesi, which Selchow claimed to have purchased the American rights to in 1867. The game proved a hit for the firm and has been sold continuously ever since. Coleco bought Selchow & Righter in 1986, and Hasbro purchased Coleco's primary assets when it declared bankruptcy in 1989. This 1975 example of Parcheesi, in mint condition, dates from 1975.

ManufacturerSelchow & Righter Co.
Materialprinted paper | cardboard | plastic
Object ID112.6378

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