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Saturday Night Fever

record album


In 1977, at the height of the disco craze, John Travolta boogied onto a lighted dance floor in a white leisure suit and "Saturday Night Fever" became a hit. Setting a new standard for coordinated marketing of both movie and soundtrack, the Bee Gees released singles timed to sell the film, which starred Travolta as a store clerk by day and disco king by night. Fever's two-record soundtrack dominated pop music playlists for months and soared to the top of the sales charts. "Saturday Night Fever" received a broad audience by keeping most of the songs short and highlighting the Bee Gees' falsetto warbling. "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever," "How Deep is Your Love," and other hit songs from the album turned disco from a fad into a pop-culture phenomenon overnight.

ManufacturerRSO Records, Inc.
Materialvinyl | printed paper | printed cardboard
OriginLos Angeles, CA
Stylesoundtrack | disco
Object ID95.1304
Credit LineGift of Lorena M. Garmezy

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