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East Indian/Elephant

paper toy


Lion Coffee used the popularity of Palmer Cox's Brownies to promote its morning beverage. Cox, a Canadian artist and illustrator, wrote and illustrated 17 books between 1887 and 1918 and wrote comic strips for magazines and Sunday newspapers featuring his little creatures. Cox introduced his Brownies this way in the preface to "The Brownies, Their Book," published in 1887: "Brownies, like fairies and goblins, are imaginary little sprites, who . . . delight in harmless pranks and helpful deeds. They work and sport while weary households sleep and never allow themselves to be seen by mortal eyes." Cox made his Brownies all male characters representing many professions and nationalities. Brownies appeared on a variety of toys, puzzles, picture blocks, card games, dinnerwares, calendars, and other products as well as lending its name to the Kodak camera.

ArtistPalmer Cox
ManufacturerH. A. Thomas & Wylie Lith. Co. | Arnold Print Works
Materialchromolithographed paper | die cut
OriginNew York, NY | North Adams, MA
Object ID77.5356

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