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Online Collections

Multicolored Yarn Craft Set

craft set

ca. 1990

Yarn crafts have always been a popular form of play. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, and latch hooking allow a large amount of creative expression, and people of all ages are eager to see what masterpieces they can create out of nothing more than multicolored string and an imagination. The donor of this yarn collection was particularly fond of making friendship bracelets, which was a popular pastime in the 1990s. Weaving strands of multicolored embroidery floss into various patterns, and then presenting them to a cherished friend, was all the rage. The donor clearly remembers creating her small masterpieces in her bedroom, attaching her threads to her blanket in order to keep them taut. She was also a frequent crafter at summer camps. Such creative freedom of expression is at the heart of this type of play.

Materialyarn | leather | plastic | paper
Object ID110.1577
Credit LineGift of Lauren Sodano

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