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Winter Wonderland

sheet music


Since the middle of the 19th century, Americans purchased pianos in increasing numbers. Families and friends gathered around the piano for evenings of musical fun. Piano players needed sheet music to learn the latest songs and publishers quickly printed everyone's favorite pieces, first in black and white and later with detailed chromolithographed color covers. The advent of radio and even television simply increased public awareness of hit songs, and the production of sheet music still grew. Eventually, use of sheet music lessened along with the popularity of home pianos in the middle and later 20th century. Radio, phonographs, and personal listening devices began to replace the piano in the parlor. Despite the fact that the holiday is never directly mentioned, "Winter Wonderland" remains one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. Lyricist Dick Smith was inspired by seeing a Pennsylvanian park covered in snow. The song's bridge was re-written in 1953, as it originally told the story of a couple being married by a traveling parson, which was considered inappropriate for children. The new bridge referenced children building a snowman and pretending it was a circus clown. Many modern versions of the song include both stanzas. "Winder Wonderland" has been recorded by over 150 performers. The most commonly heard version is sung by the Eurythmics.

Materialprinted paper
OriginNew York, NY
Object ID111.5151
Credit LineGift of Rita P. Kuder

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