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Jane Fonda's Step Aerobic Workout



In 1982, when Jane Fonda released the "Jane Fonda's Workout" video as a companion to her already popular book by the same name, she changed the world of home fitness forever. Appearing at a time when home video players were just beginning to become widely available, Fonda's video spawned a whole industry of exercise videos and went on to become the most popular video from 1983 to 1987 and the top-grossing video of all time by the end of the century. Over the next two decades, Fonda went on to create another 23 exercise videos 13 audio recordings, and 5 books. This step exerciser, created to accompany Fonda's 1992 "Step Aerobic Workout" video, was one of many permutations of the exercise video phenomenon. Calculated to burn 30-50% more calories than regular aerobic workouts, step aerobics caught on with a generation of women concerned with losing weight and achieving the slim figure popularized by American celebrities. Ironically, Fonda says pressure from the public media to conform to such an ideal contributed to her own decades-long struggle with the eating disorder bulimia.

ManufacturerFitness Quest
OriginCanton, OH
Object ID101.78

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