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The Original Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

ice cream freezer


What could be more fun than playing with your food? How about playing to make your food? The Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker promotes its ball-shaped device as the entertaining way to produce homemade ice cream wherever you are--camping, boating, on a picnic, or at a party. However, if you're visualizing using the ball-shaped freezer in a game of soccer or volleyball and concluding with a frozen treat, you can think again. A closer reading of the instructions reveals the firm warning "DO NOT KICK OR THROW" because of the potential for damage to the hard plastic ball. However, you can "shake, pass, or roll" the ball, as the L. L. Bean website suggests and, in a mere 20 minutes, you'll have a pint of delicious ice cream.

ManufacturerIndustrial Revolution, Inc.
Materialmolded plastic | printed cardboard
OriginRedmond, WA | China
Object ID112.2005

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