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photographic print


A staged family photograph from 1899, this image shows how an American family played together in 1899. Not only did they enjoy a game of cards--and notice, the gentleman in front has hidden a card under his right foot--but they're also very proud of the piano in the background. Undoubtedly they also enjoy playing and singing around that instrument. On the back of the photograph is a note: "Piano purchased 10--5-1891. Florence was 12 years old. Paid in full March 20, 1896." Long before personal music devices or even radio, a piano was such an important part of play that a family made payments on one.

ManufacturerJames P. Walter
Materialpaper | gelatin? | printing-out process? | paperboard | handwritten
OriginRochester, NY
Object ID87.655
Credit LineGift of Mrs Edna Tichenor

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