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National Toy Hall of Fame Online Collections

The Game of Life

board game


In The Game of Life, players work their ways around a "3-D" game board that replicates life's journey through adulthood. Fortunes are made and lost; players face success, failure, and revenge. The objective of the game is to be the first to complete the life course. Here the player chooses to retire to Millionaire Acres or gamble at being a millionaire tycoon--the automatic winner of the game. Famed game designer Reuben Klamer designed the game for Milton Bradley. To promote the game, Milton Bradley sought and gained the endorsement of radio and television personalilty Art Linkletter. At least one version of the 1960 game box also featured the slogan "Milton Bradley 100th Anniversary Game."

ManufacturerMilton Bradley Company
Materialprinted cardboard | molded plastic | paper
OriginSpringfield, MA
Object ID101.492

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